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About Great Brook


In a sign of the growing recognition of the importance of designing and analyzing appropriate Customer Satisfaction surveys and data, Asia-based OmniTouch International has partnered with the U.S. based Great Brook to bring world recognized Customer Satisfaction training, consulting and research to a broader global market.


U.S. based Great Brook provides training, consulting and research solutions with a specific mission to help Organizations develop robust feedback management that capture and apply the variety of information to their operations to gain strategic, competitive advantage in the marketplace.



Mr. Daniel Ord, Founder & Strategic Advisor of OmniTouch International indicated "Having a service professional at the calibre of Dr. Van Bennekom as our Business Partner allows us to bring best practices in survey design and analytics to our Asia Pacific Clients and beyond."


"Even in tough economic times, the value of the Voice of the Stakeholder, whether Customer, Supplier or the Employee cannot be underestimated."


Dr. Van Bennekom, President, Great Brook responded by saying, "This partnership with OmniTouch International enables Great Brook to expand its reach to now help Companies worldwide to capture the Voice of the Customer and apply it to their internal operations to improve product and service quality. We are ecstatic at the opportunity to work with OmniTouch International to deliver our training programs and advisory services."



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About Service Agility


Service Agility provides consulting, training and related services to the contact centre community.  We work in all industries and all locations, and offer our clients value through:


Expertise -

We specialize in contact centres, and have completed assignments in every industry for operations ranging from 3 to 3000 agents.  None of your investment goes to training "junior" consultants.

Industry Recognition -

Teaming with Service Agility makes a statement about your project.  Our highly regarded reputation throughout the contact centre industry tells your employees that you are serious about change and fully expect to become a world class operation.

Communication Proficiency -

Service Agility consultants develop and deliver training programs, speak at industry conferences, and write for leading publications.  We understand how to communicate, and that translates to effective knowledge transfer.

Independence -

Unlike many other competitors, Service Agility does not partner with any technology providers.  Our objectives are the same as yours.


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About Service Winners


ServiceWinners International specializes in outbound debt collections, negotiation, creativity, and supervisory programs. They are widely praised for their ability to customize and design training programs that are unique to the Client's environment.


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About CCAM


The CCAM was inaugurated in September 1999 and has been at the forefront of developing the local CRM and Contact Centre industry in Malaysia. It is a strategic think-tank, an educational platform, and a progressive establishment geared towards constantly improving the calibre of industry professionals.


OmniTouch is pleased to be a CCAM Endorsed Training Partner, Official Assessment Partner of the CCAM Individual Awards and Gold Sponsor of the CCAM! We believe that the development of the industry in Malaysia requires professional Training & Research combined with a ‘local’ understanding of Malaysia.


For our Clients & Friends in Malaysia we look forward to seeing you at our many industry Events & Awards! To learn more about the CCAM you may view their website at


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About CCAS


The Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS), founded in 1998, is a not for profit, educational organization that focuses on technologies, operational approaches for, and business issues of  local and global contact centres. The CCAS offers seminars, round-tables, panel discussions, leading-edge showcases, social events, networking opportunities, and its annual Contact Centre Awards and Regional Contact Centre Industry Symposium.


Over the years, OmniTouch has been privileged to have our courseware and services marketed by the CCAS and we have served as Judges and Symposium Speakers at various times.


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About Contact Centre Pipeline


Contact Center Pipeline is a cutting-edge monthly journal focused on the specific needs and challenges of the Contact Centre. Our advisory board, editor, writers and contributors are known for their unique understanding of what makes the call centre the organization's driving force for service delivery, aligning customer experience and ensuring long-term business success.


Each month, well-respected industry leaders, practitioners and consultants present their insights, strategies, best practices and lessons learned to help you run an effective and efficient operation.


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 About e2i


e2i, or the Employment and Employability Institute, is an initiative of the National Trades Union Congress. It is supported by the Workforce Development Agency, Singapore Labour Foundation and the Singapore National Employers’ Federation. e2i serves all segments of workers, from rank-&-file to PMETs.


One of e2i’s key roles is to enhance the capability and employability of the workforce, for instance through upgrading of skills. We support the national CET (continuing education training) system to serve the workforce. We also partner companies in recruitment to meet their manpower needs.


OmniTouch is pleased to say that e2i regularly endorses OmniTouch courseware including our various Certification Programs.


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Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) was formed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore in May 2006 to respond effectively to the multitude of foreign requests to tap on Singapore's development experience.  SCE works closely with Singapore's 15 ministries and over 60 statutory boards to tailor possible solutions to match the foreign parties' needs. SCE also serves as the focal point of access to expertise across these public agencies.


SCE's main objective is to share Singapore's public sector expertise with interested foreign parties which can be governmental agencies or non-governmental entities.  In doing so, we aim to build long-term partnerships with foreign parties and to generate business opportunities for Singapore's private sector.  


OmniTouch partners with the SCE to deliver Contact Centre expertise through our Consulting and Training & Certification services to these governmental agencies or non-governmental entities around the world.


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