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Clients & Participants have a lot to say about OmniTouch.

It is not what we say – but what our Clients & Participants say – that really matters. Advocacy for our work is the ultimate Award.

“In late 2020, Daniel provided the Medical Customer Experience team at Roche (headed by me) a truly outstanding learning experience around CX.

Together with included internal “family & friends”, the team completed a CX masterclass kindly provided by OmniTouch, with Daniel as a trainer and coach. As an outcome, we did not just complete an excellent in-depth CX training together.

But by set-up and the very interactive way Daniel guided us, we experienced a learning journey that was complemented by remarkable open and extremely inspiring discussions about real-life cases.

This training continued to resonate with people and the team for a long time. Thank you, Daniel.”

Dr. Christian Velten — Pharma Customer Experience Trailblazer, Roche

“I organized a 3 days training with Daniel. I had already seen how great Daniel performs in face-to-face events and was excited to get this project rolling.

Unfortunately, the COVID situation changed the game and forced us to do it remotely.

Luckily, Daniel was as fantastic via video-conference as he is face-to-face. These three days were intense but really insightful, mixing pure learning, exercises, tests, group discussions… not a dull moment, not a minute wasted, and a much better overview of the CX world in the end.

Definitely a must for whoever wants to improve the experience customers get from a company.”

Julien Rio — Keynote Speaker, Author, Senior Marketing Director

I have been lucky enough to not only have the pleasure of working with Daniel in a professional capacity but also to be able to call him a friend. Daniel Emcee’d at the inaugural European Customer Centricity Awards in 2020.

With everything that happened, we shifted online and Daniel took everything in his stride, from carefully learning the script for the pre-recorded filming to diligently researching every speaker and their topics to ensure a smooth flow of conversation.

Daniel is impeccable and putting people at ease and making them feel comfortable. Daniel is an outstanding Emcee and overall professional!

Richard Kennedy — COO at Arcet Global

“I’ve met with Daniel in London this spring and saw his presentation about CX in Contact Centre. I decided to invite him to Hungary for our conference to share his thoughts. I was right and it was a super idea as everybody at the event loved his presentation. Daniel delivers professionalism, passion all the time and he really knows what Customer Experience is. I’ve learned a lot from him and hope our business relationship moving further in the near future. One more thing: Humor is super important. Daniel a Master of Humor, too!”

András Lőrincz — President, CONTACT Conference

“Daniel is a true customer service expert and professional in his field. Daniel tailored a bespoke 2-day training course for us to help us create the foundations of our new contact centre. The material was and remains very valid and invaluable. He takes a genuine interest in our business and our customer service journey and we would welcome him back any time to run refresher training.”

Lisa Goode — GOTO Energy UK Limited, Chief Of Staff

“It has been a great experience for my team to work with Daniel to bring on our vision for the new Customer Centric Initiative.
Though there are challenges to roll out to all staff at different levels and departments but results have shown that Daniel has conquered them all.

Prior to the workshops, we like to commend Daniel’s keen attention on our requirements and offering valuable advice on the curriculum planning and set up.

This was further challenged when we made last minute adjustments but he had accommodated them well despite the tight timeline.

I highly recommend Daniel as a Trainer / Coach because it will be a pleasure working with such a dedicated individual who truly cares about his clients and his work.

My team and I look forward to use OmniTouch for our future training opportunities.“

Josephine Oon — General Manager Customer Service at M1, Singapore

“Dan is a proven expert, a thought leader and champion of our industry. He trained me when I was still new to the industry. Years later, he would help to develop the key members of my regional and country office team.

I value his insights greatly and echo his view that Contact Centre / CX Industry requires lifelong learning. Contact centre management is both an art and science. As leaders, both of us are very aligned that we should continuously develop skills and upgrade knowledge of our people in order to advance our industry. This is only possible if we work with a trusted partner like Dan.”

Edmund Kao — DHL Supply Chain, Head of Operations

“Daniel is definitely a master coach in customer service and contact centre management. I had the opportunity to attend his courses as well as bringing his programs to my team. The ideas he shared are not only thought provoking, sensible, relevant, but more importantly pragmatic and actionable. Daniel always takes great efforts to engage with each member of his programs. He spent time doing the pre-work very professionally in order to customise his delivery for the best outcome. I am privileged to have learnt a great deal from Daniel especially during the time when I was still pretty new to the contact centre industry. “

Lilian Ooi — SVP, Operations (Malaysia & Regional Shared Services) at COSSB

“Amongst all the market research providers that i have engaged in my past 10 over years in StarHub, none can compare with Daniel. No one comes close in terms of charisma, humility, professionalism, client servicing and passion. Daniel is truly a great business partner who is devoted to the success of his clients. Ever surprising and interesting, he draws his extensive experience especially from his training background into insights that no market research company could hope to emulate. Over the years, he replicated himself and now his team of loyal staff exhibit the same characteristics! I greatly recommend Daniel and his team to anyone who wants to experience exceptional results.”

Darren Choo — AVP, Product Management at StarHub

“Daniel is one of the kindest business professionals I have ever met. I had the pleasure to listen to him speak in a room full of people, and I was amazed by his ability to seize everyone’s attention with his knowledge and fantastic public speaking skills. Working with him is always a pleasure!

Tamara Lužajić — Content writer

“I’ve known Daniel for four years and was first introduced to him via the Direct Mail Association of Singapore. When we were then looking for support to assist with call center training for our team Daniel came to mind. Daniel and his team at Omintouch have since supported us to develop and deliver various training programs for our customers service professionals in Singapore.

Without doubt Daniel is one of the most switched on consultants I have worked with in respect to service delivery. Daniel grasps exactly what it takes to not only motivate and skill teams in order to deliver service excellence; he also knows which levers to pull for you to differentiate your brand from those around you. I have absolutely no qualms at all in recommending Daniel and Omnitouch to any business looking to support its colleagues to enjoy and excel in Customer Service be that through a call center or otherwise.”

Clark Harris — Senior Director of Global Marketing at Interface

“I’ve known Daniel both as a customer and as a business partner. I have worked with him since 2002 where my employer (Maxis Mobile) hired him to conduct CS training for our call centre staff. I attended his program and found him to be a passionate, funny trainer who shared practical tips. Subsequently, I sent my staff to the training as it had value.

In 2003, our relationship changed to a business one. I started a new company called ServiceWinners, Daniel hired us for key OmniTouch projects involved with training bill collectors (our core competency). ServiceWinners has trained hundreds of collectors for OT over the years. Our partnership started in 2003. We have worked with Daniel’s operations in Malaysia, Singapore, and Cyprus.

Our partnership has lasted eight years now and is one built on trust, humor, and passion. He is easy to work with. Daniel has provided us with support when we need it, and we are grateful to have him as a partner.

Steve Coyle — Trainer and author of ‘Debt Collections: Stir-Fried or Deep-Fried?’

“I am greatly pleased and honoured to have been guided by Daniel during the early stages of my career in Contact Centre Operations back in the 2003 – 2006. Daniel instilled a solid foundation of Contact Center High-Performance Management which took my career to great heights as a result of his inspirational training techniques. If you have been mentored by Daniel long enough you should remember his famous saying “the chicken dance”. I can never forget it. I will always recommend Daniel’s training and consultancy to my teams, colleagues, friends or organisations in need to improve their customer-centric operation and keen to develop their people to become industry leaders, because the foundation that he instils in people lasts a lifetime of pure value.

Prashantha Luther — Experienced customer experience management executive for technology and services sectors

“Daniel is one of the most experienced contact center industry experts and enthusiastic speakers I have met or worked with. His passion for the contact center industry and deep insights on the operations and management impressed me the most, and his training sessions have always been both knowledge and skills enriched and inspiring and enlightening!

Houdong Wang — Independent Trainer and Consultant

“Daniel & I go way back as colleagues almost 14 years ago. At that time, his professionalism, subject matter expertise and upbeat personality impressed upon me greatly.

Fast forward to 2007, I was leading the Asia Pacific & Japan + EMEA contact centre for Ariba Inc and consulted with Daniel to help us develop & upgrade the leadership & call centre management skills of my leadership team. My experience with Daniel’s recommendation on the training solution, actual delivery and working together with us was nothing short of impressive.

Daniel’s approach came across consistently as a partner (which I appreciate a lot) and he was sincere about wanting to make us successful. His training sessions were exciting, highly interactive & great fun! My leadership team and I learnt a lot from Daniel & his team.

Thank you Daniel for being a friend, advisor and great business partner!”

Jasper Chong — Lead & inspiring high performance organizations

“I’ve been a business partner of Daniel for several years now. He and his team have been a joy to work with, and it’s been an education for me. Daniel has taken the pulse of customer service in Southeast Asia, understands its strategic role in companies headquartered there, and is advancing the profile of customer service functions. He is particularly dedicated to promoting the value of customer feedback for these firms.

Fred van Bennekom, Dr.B.A. — Customer Feedback Architect & Survey Consultant

“If I had to use just one word to describe Daniel Ord as a colleague, it would be enthusiastic. Luckily, I have the space to add thoughtful, creative, responsive and perceptive. In working with Daniel, I was constantly inspired by his zeal for research and gaining insights into global customer experience issues. No less impressive is his ability to quickly pinpoint the core issues and obstacles in developing customer research, and to successfully navigate the intricacies of a global project. It’s no wonder that he is a highly successful speaker, trainer and consultant!

Susan Hash — Writer & Editor, Independent Professional

“Daniel has been a great source of inspiration and an accomplished teacher who has left a big impact in my professional career and thought process as a whole, in the area of human resource management. Through his training skills and innovative coaching techniques he managed to convert some of the sceptics into believers and believers into practitioners of service excellence. With his deep understanding of call centre management and service delivery concepts coupled with extraordinary communication skills, Daniel is the best in the profession. I am sure he will scale greater heights and will create many more customer service professionals that the industry will be proud of.

Sundaram Ramaswamy — Senior Consultant at Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion, CDFI

“Daniel brings intelligence, good humor, creativity and financial discipline to everything he addresses. Coming from his role as CFO, he understood how to move our organization forward profitably as the scope of his responsibilty increased. All of the metrics for our distribution and call center improved as Daniel re-defined roles, responsibilities, and processes. His competent and cheerful nature created an environment of success. When we created budgets and strategic plans his thoughts and suggestions were fundamental to the accuracy, and therefore, growth we achieved. He is an intelligent, thoughtful and fun partner in business whom I recommend most highly.

Duff Stokes — Director, Catalog Marketing at Luxury Brand Holdings

“Daniel has tremendous experience and insights. You could see how passionate he is in what he does and he always deliver. So far we had two programme with Daniel and looking forward for more to come. Thank you Daniel.

Adre Ahmad Fiazil B Idris — Head, Customer Care

“It has been a great learning journey with Daniel and his team. After attending several courses, it expanded my teams’ knowledge on the current trends of the call centre industry and revealing insights on the upcoming changes. Some of the revolutionary ideas changes the perspectives of the operations requirements. Most importantly, Daniel displayed patience and knowledge in his teaching and guidances which allow us to understand the concepts with ease!

Yi Ming Peck — Quality Coach at SP services ltd

“Vodafone Fiji being South Pacific’s most advanced & leading telecommunications service provider, was leading its way towards the digital transition of most of its services & operations.
This meant digitizing it’s customer touch points & there by getting our staff up to speed in serving these customers using the new channels.
So that’s where we reached out to an expert in this trade to assist us in this journey of coaching our CC staff.
Daniel did a fantastic job & the results were visible during the program itself.
That’s one of the fastest turnarounds I’ve seen from a coaching program.!
Thanks Daniel & the Omni Touch Team..!

Rizvi Amith — Heading The Digital Business & Service Innovation for Vodafone

“Daniel’s energy in training makes a huge difference in getting our staff open their minds to new learning on Saturdays. After a long week of working for 5 days, the last thing we want for our staff is to go for a full day of training exhausted. But we had no choice. So getting an engaging trainer was an important consideration for us. And we found Daniel and we couldn’t be happier with his techniques. Every training we attended from Daniel was meticulously planned and his inputs are insightful. He’s an extremely effective trainer.

Vyron Valiente — Manager, FWD Insurance

“It was my privilege to met Daniel at the Omnitouch international training (“How to monitor & coach agents to effective performance”), which i attended in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I find Daniel to be one of the most sought after training professionals in customer experience. His ability to explain complex scenarios by giving simple yet practical examples is highly commendable. He always encourage people to ask questions and the best part of it is that he never gets tired!. Attending his training was one of the best investments i have made and would recommend same to any organization that’s is keen in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Srikanth Rabel — Head of Digital & New Markets at Union Assurance PLC

“We hired Daniel and his organisation to support our efforts in the call center space at regional level.
They provided strategic guidance, helped setup the service and service offering model and provided training to all our staff.
It was all done in a extremely professional way, understanding our own business realities and not applying a predefined solution.
A pleasure to work with Daniel … and with his help we have won already few prizes on Customer experience and more important, business grow is significant as per agreed plan.
Thanks Daniel and team !”

LIuis Ferre Nadal — V.P. Sales and Marketing Asia

“Dan conducted High Performance Management Training for Maybank Group Customer Care that I found extremely valuable. He demonstrated high level of expertise & his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. His style owas open & inviting to questions and willing gave his time in responding to question throughly.
Dan is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I strongly recommend him for any training he has through his company omniTouch.

Thank you, Mr Dan. Truly an experience and will definitely help me to improve our working culture.”

Prakash Naidu Perumal — Manager Customer Experience- Customer Contact , AIA Berhad

“Daniel is a demonstrated expert and champion of CX. He demonstrates his passion for excellence with such humility and empathy and does so much to help people grow in this area. He’s an amazing facilitator and has a unique way of connecting the dots in a way that allows people from diverse background to understand the inner workings. It’s been a privilege to know him.”

Murali Karuppiah — Apple Support, WW Strategic Quality

“The course has certainly widened the knowledge of my Team Leaders on managing Call Centre operations.

An excellent course which really adds value to their job.”

Thomas Goh — Assistant Director (Digital Contact Centre), SP Services (Singapore Power)

“As part of their career progression, high performing CSOs in  Contact Centres ore promoted to Team Leaders. However, the job  scope of a Team Leader is significantly different from that of a CSO.
At MI, we decided that newly appointed Team Leaders need help to understand and transition into their new role; and that is where the e2i Team Leader Series fits in perfectly.
Our Team Leaders are now much more able to appreciate the many finer workings of the Contact Center and thus it aids them in their daily management to improve the operations.”

Stamford Low, Director, Customer Service M1 Singapore