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We believe that every industry professional has a personal obligation to share ideas, learnings & thoughts.  That’s why we write and publish constantly – both in our own forums and in CX & Contact Centre publications around the world.

In this article, we share some of what we’ve learned about conducting Mystery Shopper research on Chatbots.  You mean there’s
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It's time to rethink targeting Net Promoter Score® at the Frontline. In the old days, suspected witches were tested by
In this short post we share 10 CCXP Exam Practice questions for the Voice of Customer, Customer Insight & Understanding
In this short article I talk about Agent KPIs in the Contact Centre. "But Dan...if we don't have an Average
In this article I share how to use the True Calls per Hour calculation in the Contact Centre. We get
In this short article I ask - how did you get into the Contact Centre industry? Have you attended any
I'll be presenting my Keynote speech - What kind of experience does your Contact Centre deliver? - at the Customer