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Thought leadership to help & inspire.

We believe that every industry professional has a personal obligation to share ideas, learnings & thoughts.  That’s why we write and publish constantly – both in our own forums and in CX & Contact Centre publications around the world.

In this short article I share thoughts on Customer Experience professionals  - and the behaviours they exhibit not just at
In this article we talk about a common coaching challenge faced in the Contact Centre industry. In a recent course,
This article shares how to help improve your Contact Centre Agent performance. What is the job of a Contact Centre
In this article we share 10 CCXP Exam practice questions for you to try drawn from across multiple competency areas.
When it comes to the miscellaneous category in a job description, there are two kinds of Employees. Employee type #1:
This article is about how to learn more about Customer Experience and prepare for Customer Experience certification. I share my
If you want to conduct a Customer Experience Mystery Shopper there are some do's and don'ts you need to know.
We opened our Art Gallery in 2011 We've learned a lot of Customer Experience lessons in the 7 years since
This year I had the great opportunity to judge at the UK Complaint Handling Awards, covering the latest in complaint
In this article we share specific email writing tips for better Customer Experience and Service Recovery using a real case
Recently, a Call Centre benchmarking report made the rounds, stating that the industry standard  average abandonment rate was 12%. It
This article is about how I went from being a Contact Centre amateur to a Contact Centre professional. I've been