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We believe that every industry professional has a personal obligation to share ideas, learnings & thoughts.  That’s why we write and publish constantly – both in our own forums and in CX & Contact Centre publications around the world.

In this short article I share how Mystery Shopper Research contributes to the Customer Experience by looking at the first
It's common for Contact Centre practitioners to complain about the siloed thinking that exists in their organizations.  And any CX
There are few things to remember when you want your Skills Training program to work. Remember when it was always
It’s time to talk about that old favorite – Average Handling Time also known as AHT. So put your feet
Your best chance at winning an award has to do with both the content of your entry and the style
Organizations aren't courageous, people are. And Customer experience takes courage. Cowardly Lion: All right, I'll go in there for Dorothy.
This article examines the Customer experience impact of pushing Callers to self help options as a method to improve Contact Center
This article is about the risks inherent in channel blending in Contact Centres. Channel blending is defined as having Agents
When you own a business, you have no choice but to put yourself into situations that you find uncomfortable -
It's not ok to blame poor organizational culture on national culture. One of the great things about working in many different
The ability to write a great email is complex skill - not simply the competency to read and write. There’s
An innovative industry deserves an innovative Awards - and I'm privileged to have been involved as a Judge & Chairman.