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You have to make yourself uncomfortable to become comfortable

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When you own a business, you have no choice but to put yourself into situations that you find uncomfortable – personal growth is part of the territory.


Owning a business means you have to face a lot of things that might make you uncomfortable.

Depending on your personality and background that can include things like:

  • Networking events (not my personal favorite)
  • Presenting (my personal favorite)
  • Writing (blogs, proposals, reports)
  • Selling

If you work in a big company, you can avoid networking or selling or any number of uncomfortable things for years if you choose to – especially if your day to day job doesn’t rely on that particular ability.


Of course I can hear some folks say – “But Dan, I have to network with my peers at work…” or “Dan, I do have to convince (or sell) my boss that I have a good idea if I want it to get funded…”

These comments may be true.

But it’s unlikely that your company held back your paycheck at month end because you didn’t network with your peers – or that time you failed to develop a convincing presentation for your boss.

It can be too easy to stay comfortable.

Owning a business is different

No business owner starts out having it all together – you’re always a work in progress.

When you own a business – and particularly when you have a vision or purpose for what you do – you make frequent and conscious decisions to get uncomfortable.

Selling, networking, writing, public speaking…whatever it happens to be.

But the cool part is this.

Through repeated exposure, persistence Рand yes, some failure Рyou get more comfortable.  And the personal growth is amazing.

People that know me well, know I’m shy in social situations.

But workshop participants – especially in large scale auditoriums or halls – tell me I’m fun to watch on stage.

Speaking for large audiences was a very specific ‘discomfort’ zone that I decided to work through.

And now, large scale presentations are one of my favorite things to do.

Come on in – make yourself uncomfortable

If you work at a big bank (or big telecom or big insurance company or in the civil service), you should ask yourself a simple question –

How often do I actively put myself into the zone of being uncomfortable?

If the answer is rarely or never, that’s most definitely not an indicator of a life well-lived or a meaningful career pinnacle reached.

It’s a sign that your personal growth has stagnated – and that you’ve allowed it to stagnate (it’s not your Employer’s fault – don’t even go there).

I found the video below interesting and I hope you do too.


Thanks for reading!


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