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CCXP Practice Quizzes

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CCXP Practice Quizzes

by OmniTouch International

Practice Quizzes for the CCXP Exam

Check your readiness for the CCXP exam with these sets of Practice Quizzes

We help individuals test their readiness and review relevant competencies for the official CCXP Exam with online Practice Quizzes. Practice Quizzes that are designed in exactly the same format as the official CCXP Exam (complex multiple choice) and that cover the key competency areas outlined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Currently we have (8) online Quizzes available:

  • Understanding the Customer Experience
  • Customer-Centric Culture
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Experience Design, Improvement & Innovation
  • Metrics, Measurement & ROI
  • Organizational Adoption & Accountability
  • VOC, Customer Insight & Understanding
  • Customer Research Know-How

Each Quiz consists of (10) questions, each question with (4) possible answers.

You may take one, all or any combination of the Quizzes. Each is available for individual purchase. Once you’ve finished and submit any of the online Quizzes you will immediately receive your score, access to the right answer and a short write-up that explains the right answer.

You will have ongoing access to your paid Quiz and results. Simply log back in, at any time, to view.

You can use the Quizzes to facilitate your own self-study and gain confidence that the competencies tested are reflective of the actual CCXP exam.

Registration is free. Quizzes are available for individual purchase.

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