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Our Courses

Our Courses
by OmniTouch International

When you’re ready to exceed Employee & Customer expectations.

Our workshop curriculum is one of the most robust in the industry.  Across CX, EX and Contact Centers Participants tell us that we deliver the best training experience ever.

Here we present our Courses for Leadership, Management & Expert Roles and our courses for Frontline, Backline and ‘Everyone’.  Because everyone – no matter what level or how many years of experience – should have a chance to learn and grow.

Courses for Leadership, Management & Expert Roles

  • Customer Experience Management / CCXP Exam Preparation
  • High-Performance Management for Inbound Contact Centres
  • High-Performance Management for Outbound Contact Centres
  • High-Performance Management for Email & Response Time Operations
  • High-Performance Management for the Live Chat Channel
  • How to Manage & Lead People
  • Journey Mapping for Professionals
  • How to be a Great Team Leader
  • How to Design a Quality Assurance Program for Service Excellence
  • How to Master Complaint Management & Handling
  • How to Monitor & Coach Frontline Team Members
  • How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture
  • How to Develop & Implement a Customer Experience Strategy
  • Customer Research Know-How for Non-Research People
  • How to Design & Execute a Great Mystery Shopper Program

Courses for Frontline, Backline & Everyone

  • Introduction to Customer Experience
  • Service Skills for Outstanding Phone-based Service
  • Service Skills for Outstanding Live Chat-based Service
  • Connecting with Customers through Email
  • How to Deliver a Great Voice for Social Media Customer Care
  • Managing Difficult Customer Situations
  • Omnichannel Customer Service for Agents
  • How to Upsell & Cross-sell
  • Consultative Telemarketing for Outbound Telemarketers
  • Contact Centers for Everyone
  • Customer Service for Everyone
  • Emotional Intelligence for Everyone
  • Stress Management for Everyone