Home Our Team Building solution – ‘Behind the Scenes at the Auction House’

Our Team Building solution – ‘Behind the Scenes at the Auction House’

Home Our Team Building solution – ‘Behind the Scenes at the Auction House’

Our Team Building solution – ‘Behind the Scenes at the Auction House’

by OmniTouch International

In a rapidly changing world, your Team Building program needs to keep up.  Our ‘Behind the Scenes at the Auction House‘ program is an innovative way to build collaboration, confidence and shared memories.


Collaboration, interaction, building esprit de corps.

These are the hallmarks of a good Team Building program.

But a great Team Building program does more.

Participants leave with more confidence, new skills and a refreshed way of looking at the world.

Learn the Skills that Successful Auctioneers use to Present & Persuade

Persuasion – and the ability to present – are skills that are instrumental to success in life.

Whether you’re convincing your boss to approve your project, or making a presentation to senior management, persuasive people get people on their side.

That’s why setting your Team Building event inside a real Auction House setting is so perfect.

What Auctioneers do

Auctioneers are expert communicators.

They blend facts and figures with sales techniques and story-telling to capture and hold their audience’s attention.

They must skilfully keep potential bidders energized and focused – often for hours.

They’re always thinking on their feet and ‘reading the room’.

Ultimately, they build a compelling narrative that results in the gavel going down with a loud thud and a cry of ‘sold’!

Our Team Building solution

Our Behind the Scenes in an Auction House program was designed to deliver a Team Building experience that your Participants will never forget.

Hosted inside a 3,000 sq. ft. working Auction House in Singapore, you and your Team will:

  • Take part in a Masterclass given by a professional Auctioneer
  • Work in small teams to plan and prepare your own live auction
  • Use genuine, pre-selected vintage and antique items to auction to your colleagues
  • Take to the rostrum and become the Auctioneer in your own auction

It’s time for something different

For Human Resource professionals looking for something innovative and fun for your Team Members, this is a Team Building event like no other.

By the end of the session your Team Members will:

  • Work together to plan and prepare a real auction
  • Build confidence & improve presentation skills
  • Understand how to develop & employ story-telling
  • Learn the fine art of persuasion
  • Gain practice in thinking on their feet
  • Understand the role of ad libbing & humour
  • Laugh and learn non-stop

We’re proud to introduce something innovative and special to the Team Building repertoire!

To learn more about our Team Building solution or any of our Service & Team Talks just drop a line!




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