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New recommendations from Clients & Partners – thank you!

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In an industry driven by excellence, it’s an honor to be recognized by Clients & Partners. Received in January & February 2017 with gratitude and appreciation.

Josephine Oon, General Manager Customer Service at M1, Singapore

It has been a great experience for my team to work with Daniel to bring on our vision for the new Customer Centric Initiative.

He has consistently exceeded every expectation I had for quality, creativity and professionalism. He is assisting us to run workshops that aim to change and reposition mind-sets.

Though there are challenges to roll out to all staff at different levels and departments but results have shown that Daniel has conquered them all. 

Prior to the workshops, we like to commend Daniel’s keen attention on our requirements and offering valuable advice on the curriculum planning and set up.

This was further challenged when we made last minute adjustments but he had accommodated them well despite the tight timeline. 

I highly recommend Daniel as a Trainer / Coach because it will be a pleasure working with such a dedicated individual who truly cares about his clients and his work.

My team and I look forward to use OmniTouch for our future training opportunities. 


Lluis Ferre, V.P. Sales and Marketing Asia | Consumer Goods | Healthcare | Consumer Technology| Asia | Global DKSH

We hired Daniel and his organisation to support our efforts in the call center space at regional level. 

They provided strategic guidance, helped setup the service and service offering model and provided training to all our staff. 

It was all done in a extremely professional way, understanding our own business realities and not applying a predefined solution. 

A pleasure to work with Daniel … and with his help we have won already few prizes on Customer experience and more important, business grow is significant as per agreed plan. 

Thanks Daniel and team !


Tamara Lužajić, Content Writer, CXM World

Daniel is one of the kindest business professionals I have ever met.

I had the pleasure to listen to him speak in a room full of people, and I was amazed by his ability to seize everyone’s attention with his knowledge and fantastic public speaking skills.

Working with him is always a pleasure!


In a Tender briefing, someone once asked me how many Awards I had won. And my answer was that each and every satisfied & appreciative Student, Client & Partner was the best Award a person like me could have.

Thank you!


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Daniel Ord