The number one reason I’m good at what I do and it’s probably not what you expect

I share the number one reason why I’m a good at what I do and how you can use this lesson for yourself.

What Trainers receive that many others don’t

There are many cool things about being a Trainer.  And there some pretty intense things about being a Trainer too.

One of those intense things is receiving a constant flow of feedback.

Solicited feedback directly from the the people you’re serving and that captures their perceptions of how well you’re serving them.

Almost every week, a group of smart Customer professionals somewhere in the world evaluates my work and shares their feedback.

How much feedback has that been?

Using an average of (1) workshop session per week x an average of 15 folks per workshop x  40 training weeks a year x 23 years of training works out to be –

An average of 600 personal feedback reports per year

For a total of 13,800 personal feedback reports over my professional training career

And that 13,800 figure excludes delivering university classes, speeches, emcee duties and keynotes.  Which would add several thousand more feedback reports.

So as a Trainer, if I’m not getting constantly getting better at what I do, I’m just not listening.

Why do I use the word ‘intense’ along with feedback?

Anybody you ask is going to say, “Oh yes, I’m into learning and growing.  I have a growth mindset.” 

But a growth mindset isn’t just collecting LinkedIn course badges or taking pictures of the book you read.

It’s getting regular ongoing feedback from the people that you serve. Whether that’s other departments, your Bosses, your Colleagues, your Clients, your Patients, your Students and on and on.

And that requires vulnerability.

Taking on board what folks say you’re doing well.  And what folks say you’re not doing so well.

Feedback is like a waterfall

People have perceptions.  There’s a never ending waterfall of perception available to you out there.

Now ask yourself.

How often do you put on your swim suit and walk into that waterfall?  Where that feedback literally pours down on your head and all around you?

Trainers have to go into that waterfall every time they train.

And I’m convinced that for me, the frequency and honesty of that feedback is the number one reason that I’m good at what I do.

The lesson anyone can use

No matter what it is that you do.  No matter if you’re working with internal or external Clients or Customers.

Go out there and  ask others how you’re doing and what you can do better. Be proactive and fierce about it.

Don’t wait for the sometimes antiquated performance review process to guide you.  That may come too little, too late.

And as painful as it can be, take (most) of that feedback seriously.

Because there’s wisdom in it.

Thank you for reading!

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