Daniel Ord
by OmniTouch International

Founder & Director

I’m one of the world’s leading Trainers in Customer Experience & Contact Centers.

For 20 years around the world, across dozens of industries and in thousands of testimonials, Participants describe my style as engaging, practical and inspiring.

And I love the shift to online training where every week we get to meet new folks – with Participants from different countries & regions often together at the same time.

I’m a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and help people develop mastery in CX and earn their CCXP Certification credential.

And I’m an industry leader in Contact Centers & Customer Service with 30 years of management, consulting and training in Centers around the world.

Our suite of workshops is robust and proven.

More than 25 powerful courses including CX Management, Contact Center Management, Quality Assurance, Employee Experience, Customer Service across channels, Coaching, People Management, Leadership, Culture and more across the breadth of the Customer ecosystem.

We’ve run many of these courses hundreds of times – and know what it takes to deliver a great learning experience.

And our Research group has conducted 20 years of Mystery Shopper & VOC research. We don’t just talk about VOC – Clients engage us to improve interactions & journeys.

On the academic side I’m a Lecturer at Hochshule Fresenius Germany where I develop CX courseware for MBA students.

This follows years of guest teaching at the Singapore Civil Service College and the Executive Education arm of Universiti Utara Malaysia.

And I’ve become an Emcee as well – this year I’m the host for three industry Awards events in North America and Europe – both online and in person. It’s super fun.

But our most important credential are the thousands of testimonials received from Clients & Participants. Many of which can be seen on LinkedIn and on our website.

You can reach me at daniel[email protected]omnitouchinternational.com

Daniel Ord

Daniel Ord
Founder & Director

Mail: [email protected]

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Service Management
  • Contact Centre Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Mystery Shopper Research


  • Honors (Economics) from University of California, Santa Barbara