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Give us 1, 2 or 3 days and we’ll change the way you see the world.

Our Speaking Engagements

Want an experienced, enthusiastic Speaker? We bring our personality & industry expertise to your Event.

Our Mystery Shopper Research

Ready to elevate your Customer Experience through research?  Our Mystery Shopper & Contact Audit expertise can help.

Our Services

Our Courses

Give us 1, 2 or 3 days and we’ll change the way you see the world.

Our Speaking Engagements

Want an experienced, enthusiastic Speaker? We bring our personality & industry expertise to your Event.

Our Mystery Shopper Research

Ready to elevate your Customer Experience through research?  Our Mystery Shopper & Contact Audit expertise can help.

Management Courses

The Customer domain is a business domain.  

Whether it’s Customer Experience, Contact Center Management, Employee Experience or Quality, we help Management professionals understand the dynamics, processes and practices that lead to better personal and business outcomes. 

We’re proud to share some of our most popular Management Courses here.

Master the principles & practices of Customer Experience (CX) Management and prepare for the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) certification exam.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Contact Center operations including dynamics, metrics and key processes. Avoid common mistakes, abandon myths and push forward opportunities to be great.  One of our most popular workshops!

A step by step journey through how to design, implement and continuously improve a powerful Quality Assurance (QA) program.  One that supports & inspires Customer Service excellence – whether your program is new or you just want to refresh the one you already have.

Conversations about quality are some of the most important that Customer Service coaches will ever have with their people. We teach Team Leaders, Quality Assurance and other Coaches how to monitor an interaction, such as a call or email, and use that data to craft a conversation that will be impactful and respectful.  One of our most popular workshops!

Successful Team Leaders have the ability to multiply greatness across their people. And that makes everyone’s life better. We help Team Leaders improve their own performance by working through relevant leadership & management practices today, determining where best to spend their time and understanding what success looks like and how to get there.

We’re asked to deliver a lot of cultural change workshops for Clients. And over the years we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t, when you want to transition to a more Customer-focused culture.

The processes behind managing an outbound Center are quite different from those for an inbound Center.  So we break it all down including processes, reports & metrics, to help you optimize your outbound Contact Center operations for maximum effectiveness.

We’re experts in the art & science of Mystery Shopper with over 20 years running Mystery Shopper with Clients around the world.  If you want to learn the best ways & methods to use Mystery Shopper Research to improve and enhance your Customer Experience, this is a workshop for you.

Frontline & Backline Courses

Passion isn’t a reliable fuel to deliver consistent great performance. 

And practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, it can make permanent. Where repetition, day after day, locks in behavioral patterns that don’t serve today’s Customers.

We love and honor Frontline & Backline Employees by providing them with a safe and structured learning environment.  Where they can reflect, discuss and try out new skills, knowledge & attitudes.  

Whether that’s learning how to write a better email, or approaching their mindset to deal with increasingly difficult Customer situations. 

A global favorite!  We help Participants effectively handle challenging Customer interactions, across any channel, with a combination of better self-management and powerful communication techniques.  Testimonials are through the roof for this course!

Communicate effectively and well through this powerful email writing workshop suitable for anyone who writes emails.  Learn our 9-Step pattern to improve tone, content, empathy, clarity and structure.  Clients love this one!

Master the art of engaging and productive live chat conversations as well as understand the background, nuances and Customer expectations for chat-based conversations.  We’ve been teaching chat since 2007!

The first course we ever wrote and it continues to earn rave reviews as we teach Participants how to deliver exceptional service through phone and face to face communication.

To get people interested in Customer Experience it helps to appeal to both their hearts and their minds. Our introduction to CX is designed for non-CX professionals to help inspire influencers and leaders throughout your organization.  People can’t help with what they don’t understand – and we not only close the gap, we help establish the imperative.  An important aspect of developing that all important Customer-focused culture where you work.

A masterclass in how to provide superb Customer Service experiences across multiple channels – particularly when you are responsible for managing multiple channels at the same time.

Learn how to effectively upsell and cross-sell products or services to enhance Customer value and experience.

Learn how to build rapport and provide value to Customers during telemarketing conversations.

The concept of serving others shouldn’t just be one for Customer Service professionals.  We help to shift mindsets & attitudes so that everybody has better intentions and better communication.

Enhance your emotional intelligence to build strong relationships with yourself and others.

Learn about stress and the use of effective stress management techniques to maintain composure and resilience in today’s busy world. We put this course together for a private Client and they loved it so much we have added it to our formal curriculum.

Contact Centers have been around for a long time.  And yet they’re often misunderstood and viewed as cost centers or worse in some organizations.  We help non-Contact Center folks understand the fundamentals of Contact Center operations, how Centers work and how they deliver strategic value in today’s world.

Mystery Shopper Research

Mystery Shopper Research, when it’s well done, is a powerful method to help you gain valuable insights into your Customer’s experience and identify what’s going well and what can be improved. 

We understand that Mystery Shopper Research isn’t just about issuing a score; it’s about unlocking learning opportunities that can transform your Customer Experience. 

Our experienced Research experts will work with you to design and implement a Mystery Shopper program that aligns with your specific needs and goals. And of course we bring many suggestions and ideas as well. 

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Digital Contact Audit

What do your Calls, Emails and Live Chats really sound like?

There’s an art and science to listening to a call, reading an email or chat transcript and identifying what’s going well and what can be improved.

Fortunately this is a core competency for us.  Not only have we spent over two decades assessing Customer interactions for Clients, we also teach nearly every channel of communication in our training work.

This means we’re in an ideal position to help you understand what you sound like from an objective perspective.  

So if you’ve got the data – those recordings and transcripts – and you’d like a professional assessment of what you sound like let us know!

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Hosting or Speaking at Your Event

Funny. Insightful. Warm. Knowledgeable. Clients & Participants have a lot to say about our Speaking engagements.

We’ve stood on stages in Manila, Beijing, Athens, Berlin, Melbourne, Phoenix, Budapest, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Nicosia, Basel, Miami, London, Wiesbaden, Jakarta and more.

And in the dozens of events we’ve been in, we’re always rated among the top Speakers in the bunch.

We combine our mastery of the Customer ecosystem with personality & humor – something that audiences can feel and remember.

But no matter the topic, or whether we speak or host, Event Organizers tell us that we helped inspire their audience – and then they invite us back again.

  • Three Lessons we learned from Hospitality Clients
  • How to Make your Contact Center better using P, Q &A
  • What Kind of Experience does your Contact Center deliver?
  • Who I am and What I do – because this is where it starts
  • What I learned about CX from Emily in Paris
  • Five Motivational Quotes and what they mean in real life
  • Let’s get inspired – making motivational quotes work at work
  • CX Lessons we can learn from “The Wizard of Oz”
  • The Global Service Index, Benchmark Results for China
  • How to Bring your Brand to Life
  • From Cost to Value Creation for Customer Service
  • Practical Ideas to Inspire your Customer Service Coaching Program
  • A Contact Centre Industry Reset – now’s the time
  • The Epic Battle of Quality Assurance vs. the Team Leader
  • Nine Ways to Improve Agent Performance
  • How to Calculate the Budget for a Contact Center
  • Becoming Irresistible to your Customer
  • Traits of the Best Managed Contact Centers
  • From Zero to Hero, The Team Leader Journey
  • Service by Design, the DNA of Great Service Organizations
  • How to Design an Effective Mystery Shopper Program
  • Tuned In or Tone Deaf? The Sound of Service
  • Lessons from Building a CX Culture Transformation
  • Contact Centre Success in the Age of Customer Experience
  • How to Keep the Great Resignation at Bay

Would you like us to speak or host your event?