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CXPA Recognized Training Provider

CXPA Recognized Training Provider
by OmniTouch International

OmniTouch – A CXPA Recognized Training Provider

When you want to work with the very best we’re ready to help & inspire

OmniTouch is proud to be awarded the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) ‘Recognized Training Provider’ (RTP) status.

We are one of only a handful of Trainers worldwide that the CXPA has designated as having met their requirements and alignment for delivery of Customer Experience management training.

What you can expect when you choose OmniTouch for your Customer Experience Management & CCXP Exam Prep Workshops

  • Years of experience – we’ve been training and helping people achieve their developmental goals for more than 19 years
  • Worldwide experience – we’ve worked in more than 40 countries and have the global stories and case studies that bring our workshop material to life
  • Depth & breadth of curriculum – we have more than 25 programs in our overall curriculum across Customer Experience, Customer Service & Contact Centre domains – we don’t just run the same course over and over
  • We’re Contact Centre experts – if you’re in the Contact Centre industry you know that you can’t fake it – we help Contact Centre professionals better understand and master CX
  • We’re Customer Service experts – we teach quality, service management and service & sales skills across all key channels of communication
  • We’re researchers – with nearly 20 years of conducting Mystery Shopper, Focus Groups and Customer Satisfaction research programs – because it helps to teach Customer research when you’ve actually conducted Customer research
  • We’re certified in Net Promoter Score by Owen CX (founded by Richard Owen, the former CEO of Satmetrix) – anyone teaching CX should be
  • And perhaps most of all – we’re fun Because in Customer Experience we have to deliver an experience.

What the CXPA has to say about the Recognized Training Provider program

The following comes from the CXPA:

The CXPA Recognized Training Provider (RTP) program identifies providers that have met qualifications deemed essential to providing quality training in line with the CXPA Customer Experience framework. To be designated as a Recognized Training Provider, an applicant must complete a rigorous consideration process including review of:

  • professional qualifications, including academic studies, professional experience, training experience, and certifications. (To be a Recognized Training Provider, an individual must hold CXPA’s Certified Customer Experience Professional credential, which reflects expertise in the CXPA Customer Experience framework.)
  • industry involvement, including CXPA membership, industry presentations, and content contributions
  • quality indicators, such as references and customer feedback
  • supporting materials and representative course content to ensure alignment with content outline, learnings, and philosophy of the CXPA

Only providers determined by independent review by the CXPA as meeting these qualifications may be designated as a CXPA Recognized Training Provider. CXPA Recognized Training Providers are reviewed annually to ensure continued compliance with current program requirements. By choosing a Recognized Training Provider, you are assured that the training you receive is from a provider recognized by CXPA as having the qualifications, skills, and commitment to provide quality Customer Experience training that will enhance your CX knowledge.