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Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper
by OmniTouch International

Better Customer journeys are on the way.

The best Mystery Shopper research isn’t about the score – it’s about the learning.  When you’re ready to make Mystery Shopper a vibrant part of your Customer experience strategy, we’re here to help.

While every Mystery Shopper program is unique, outstanding design, managed execution and insightful analysis are the essentials that yield the outcomes you need to improve your Customer experience.

We are much more than a Mystery Shopper ‘provider’.

We are globally recognized Service & experience experts – which means that your Mystery Shopper program is infused with sophisticated observations and industry-leading recommendations.

We’ve published dozens of articles on Mystery Shopper research and regularly host workshop sessions on how to design & implement successful Mystery Shopper research.

Some of our thought leadership includes:

  • The Customer Experience Mystery Shopper – are you on track?


  • Terror in the Boardroom – and the impact on your Mystery Shopper research


  • How Mystery Shopper Research contributes to the Customer Experience


Any competent provider can hire people and send them out to ‘test’ you.  But to capture, analyse and report insights requires mastery of Service & Customer experience.

19 years of experience, global, regional and local programs, dozens of industries – welcome to the OmniTouch approach to Mystery Shopper research.