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Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper
by OmniTouch International

Better Customer journeys are on the way.

The best Mystery Shopper research isn’t about the score – it’s about the learning.  When you’re ready to make Mystery Shopper a vibrant part of your Customer experience strategy, we’re here to help.

While every Mystery Shopper program is unique, outstanding design, superbly managed execution and insightful analysis are the essentials that yield the outcomes you need to improve your Customer experience.

Because if you care about Customer Experience, you know there are only two ways to validate yours.  Conduct and maintain a full CX Maturity assessment.  And conduct regular ongoing Mystery Shopper so that you know, full well, what your Customer actually ‘goes through’ to interact with you.

We are much more than a Mystery Shopper provider.

We are globally recognized Customer Service & Customer Experience experts.  Which means that your Mystery Shopper program is infused with sophisticated observations and industry-leading recommendations.

With more than 20 years of experience with global, regional and local programs, across dozens of industries – welcome to the refreshing OmniTouch approach Mystery Shopper research.