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Diana Higgins

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Diana Higgins

by OmniTouch International

Director, United States

As the Owner of a successful 20-year-old business, I think what makes us unique is our willingness to handle any problem whether big or small in an environment that is becoming more impersonalized.

We strive to be hands on and connected to our community.

The happiest day in my life is when a Client comes away with a smile and new understanding that they didn’t come in with.

Providing OmniTouch services in the markets where I operate is a logical next step for me.

I made Customer Service the central pillar of my own business and I proved that providing a superior experience makes a big difference– both from a business-results standpoint and from making other people’s lives better.

Now I want to help other organizations deepen their mastery of Service & Experience through OmniTouch’s extensive suite of workshop programs and services.

Diana Higgins
Director, United States

Mail: diana@omnitouchinternational.com

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Entrepeneurship
  • Finance
  • Business to Business
  • Leadership & Management


  • Bachelor of Arts, Honors, Psychology
    University of California at Santa Barbara 1990

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