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Thought leadership to help & inspire.

We believe that every industry professional has a personal obligation to share ideas, learnings & thoughts.  That’s why we write and publish constantly – both in our own forums and in CX & Contact Centre publications around the world.

In this short post we share 10 CCXP exam practice questions for the Customer Experience Strategy component of the overall
In this short article I talk about implementing appropriate Contact Centre Wait Time Metrics and strategies. It's not about the
I've learned a few things about great Telemarketing operations and share some of these in this short article. Just like
In this short article I look at an example of how otherwise 'good' people follow bad Contact Centre process. Sitting
In this short article we share how a group of Lifeguards  brought Customer Experience to life in a Singapore-based waterpark.
In this short article I share why I think shiny toy syndrome is an ineffective approach to improving the Customer
Organizational culture matters more than where you live.  And blaming 'national' characteristics for poor behaviour is just lazy. That first
In this short article I share the true story of my former boss, her green Jaguar automobile and how they
In this short article I warn against tai chi'ing your Contact Centre Customers when they need your help. There are
When you coach you're either helping or keeping score.  In this short article I explain the difference between the two.
The purpose of this article is to share some thoughts on what it takes to move from Contact Centre management
This short article provides a humorous and perhaps disturbing look at how Contact Centre Managers ask Agents to do funny