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We believe that every industry professional has a personal obligation to share ideas, learnings & thoughts.  That’s why we write and publish constantly – both in our own forums and in CX & Contact Centre publications around the world.

In this article I share why manners will always matter. Why manners will always matter. The wonderful etiquette author and
As pressure to deliver a better Customer experience increases, more Organizations are relooking at their  Contact Centre Outsourcer relationship. And
In this article we talk about Contact Centre Average Handling Time. So put your feet up on the couch and
The rise of digital interactions has generated a corresponding rise in the volume and intensity of difficult Customer situations. The
I learned a very powerful lesson about productivity when I used to manage Distribution Centers. In the 1990s I worked
If I were employing Contact Center Agents today, I'd be asking how my training and development processes helped my Agents be
In this special 1 day session we will help you write a Tender for Contact Centre outsourcing. Choosing the right
Its tempting to play the if/then game with your happiness.  If my boss gives me this, then I'll give my
You can run a better Workshop at your organization by following a few simple steps. Every year, organizations plan workshops
It's tempting to blame performance issues on attitude - but there is no such thing as an attitude problem. When
Marcus & GCT
I've had the privilege of training persons with disabilities to become Contact Centre Agents - and I've learned a lot
Call quality in today's Contact Centres hasn't improved enough to keep up with today's Customer expectations. Recently we released a