How a group of Lifeguards brought Customer Experience to life at the Waterpark

In this short article we share how a group of Lifeguards  brought Customer Experience to life in a Singapore-based waterpark.

It was Marcus’ birthday.

So we decided to visit the Adventure Cove Waterpark for the day to celebrate and enjoy the rides.

Towels, swimming shorts and sunscreen were all packed.  And the morning sky was clear as we boarded the subway for Sentosa Island.

Some years back we had been engaged by Universal Studios to conduct extensive Customer Experience Mystery Shopper research which had included the Adventure Cove Waterpark.

And on this visit – which was purely personal – we noticed some positive changes.

In Customer experience you learn that every single Employee job description should contain specific  Customer Experience functions or activities pertinent to that job role.

These are usually referred to as Customer experience standards and will (of course) differ by job function.

And on this visit to the Waterpark we saw a terrific example in action.

Here is what happened.

Adventure River

In Adventure Cove there’s a very relaxing ‘ride’ where you recline in a big plastic inner tube and float around a long lazy river that meanders around the entire Waterpark for maybe 45 minutes or so.

And there are Lifeguards everywhere – stationed perhaps 50 – 100 meters along the entire river – which is great from a safety standpoint.

But years before, when we did our original Customer Experience Mystery Shopper research, the Lifeguards were silent and inert – doing their job yes – but not part of the show.


But yesterday the Lifeguards were different – in a good way

As we floated happily by on our inner tubes, so many of the Lifeguards smiled.  A couple asked how we were.

And one young standout lady, after asking us if we had eaten yet, gave us lunch recommendations (yes you do move that slowly).

When a family with children was in the vicinity, a few of the Lifeguards would pull out water pistols and open up a mock battle with the kids squealing and the parents laughing along.

What a difference it all made.

The Lifeguards were doing their job – yes.  Safety first.  But they had also become part of the experience.

And that didn’t happen by accident.  Someone – with great clarity – put the engagement with Guests into the Lifeguard job description.

Well done!

In closing

Take a moment and consider the opportunity. Have you put Customer experience standards into every Job Description in your organization?

Because good things happen when Customer Experience is everyone’s job.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for the time you took to read this today!

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