10 CCXP Exam Practice Questions for Experience Design

Check your fundamental understanding with these practice questions for Experience Design

In this post you will find 10 CCXP Exam practice questions for the Experience Design competency in the overall CCXP exam.

These CCXP Exam practice questions are excerpted from our ‘Customer Experience Management & CCXP Exam Preparation’ training course.

We help people around the world better understand Customer Experience and prepare to take their Certified Customer Experience Professional Exam and we hope you find these practice questions helpful!


A quick look at the official CCXP Exam

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) identified five Customer Experience competencies.

Here are the (5) Customer Experience competencies:

  1. Customer Experience Strategy
  2. Customer Insights & Understanding
  3. Design, Implementation & Innovation
  4. Metrics, Measurement & ROI
  5. Culture & Accountability

There are currently 100 questions in the official CCXP Exam that cover all the required competencies.

In this post we share 10 CCXP practice questions for Experience Design competency.

They are designed to address specific know-how related to this competency and are written in the same multiple choice format found on the official CCXP Exam.

Read through each practice question and choose the answer that you think is correct – that’s either a, b, c or d.

There is one correct answer for each practice question.

Remember that the official exam is no books, no notes. So answer as best you can from your current knowledge & experience.


The 10 CCXP practice questions for Experience Design

1.  Which of the following is the BEST description of a human centered design process?

a.  Analyze, prototype, ideate

b.  Using empathy in your design

c.  Ideas need to be restricted to only those that can be funded

d.  The right Customer experience changes done the right way


2.  Select the option where the design steps are in the correct order:

a.  Analyze, Research, Ideate, Prototype, Test

b.  Test, Prototype, Ideate, Research, Analyze

c.  Research, Analyze, Ideate, Prototype, Test

d.  None of the options are correct


3.  The concept of co-creation is BEST expressed as:

a.  Asking Employees for their opinions on Customer experience

b.  Asking Business Partners for their opinions on Customer experience

c.  Asking senior management for their opinions on Customer experience

d.  Involving Customers, Employees & Business Partners in the design of Customer experiences


4.  The best definition of a Prototype is:

a.  An early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from

b. Involving Customers, Employees & Business Partners in the design of Customer experiences

c.  A tool used by car manufacturers to show off their new models

d.  None of the above


5.  If Employees and/or Business Partners will be involved in a new or improved Customer
experience it’s important to:

a.  Incorporate their needs and motivations in the design process

b.  Ensure that their Standard Operating Procedures are updated and communicated out

c.  Conduct a fishbowl analysis to understand the best way to proceed

d.  All of the above


6. Once a problem or opportunity has been determined the next step is:

a.  Research

b.  Analyze

c.  Ideate & Prototype

d.  Prototype & Test


7.  The risk in creating a ‘prototype’ report or PowerPoint presentation is that:

a.  It may have to be translated into multiple languages

b.  Usually reports and PowerPoint presentations are not detailed enough

c.  Reports and PowerPoint presentations don’t make the proposed improvement or innovation compelling for a broad audience

d.  Rituals and storytelling are better methods for communicating proposed innovations


8.  The concept of a Customer experience ‘sandbox’ is best expressed as:

a.  A designated place/location where new ideas can be tested and tried out

b.  A calming location where Frontline Employees can relax after dealing with Customers

c.  An innovation center where hackathons can be run

d.  The idea of a ‘sandbox’ is an intellectual not physical concept


9.  The term ‘ideation’ refers to:

a.  Involving Customers, Employees & Business Partners in the design of Customer experiences

b.  A symbiotic method of idea creation is when multiple ideas are combined, using different elements of each to make a whole

c.  Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas

d.  All of the above


10.  Complete this sentence: “Customers _________________.”

a.  Get engaged when they help companies improve processes and experiences

b.  Get offended when they help companies improve processes and experiences

c.  Don’t feel one way or the other about helping improve processes and experiences

d.  None of the above


Would you like to know how you did on the 10 CCXP practice questions for Experience Design?

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Because we have a number of different practice question sets out there please tell me which set of practice questions you’ve taken.  These practice questions are for Experience Design.

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You can use the following format in your email to me:

  1. a
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  3. c
  4. c  (and so on for all 10 Practice Questions)

I always do my best to answer quickly and let you know which ones you got right and which need correction.



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