10 CCXP Exam Practice Questions for Customer Experience Strategy

Check your fundamental understanding  with these practice questions for Customer Experience Strategy

In this post you will find 10 CCXP Exam practice questions for the Customer Experience Strategy competency in the overall CCXP exam.

These CCXP Exam practice questions are excerpted from our ‘Customer Experience Management & CCXP Exam Preparation’ training course.

We help people around the world better understand Customer Experience and prepare to take their Certified Customer Experience Professional Exam and we hope you find these practice questions helpful!


A quick look at the official CCXP Exam

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) has identified five Customer Experience competencies for certification.

Here are the (5) Customer Experience competencies:

  1. Customer Experience Strategy
  2. Customer Insights & Understanding
  3. Design, Implementation & Innovation
  4. Metrics, Measurement & ROI
  5. Culture & Accountability

There are currently 100 questions in the official CCXP Exam.

In this post we share 10 CCXP practice questions for the Customer Experience Strategy competency.

They are designed to address specific know-how related to this competency and are written in the same multiple choice format found on the official CCXP Exam.

Read through each practice question and choose the answer that you think is correct – that’s either a, b, c or d.

There is one correct answer for each practice question.

Remember that the official exam is no books, no notes. So answer as best you can from your current knowledge & experience.


The 10 CCXP Exam practice questions for Customer Experience Strategy

1. If you want your Frontline Staff to ‘go the extra mile’ correctly, you should:

a. Give them as much leeway as possible to do what they think is right

b. Ask them to use the Customer experience strategy as a guide

c. Ask them to talk to other Service Staff to see what they do

d. Advise them not to go the extra mile because it tends to be costly


2. When developing your Customer experience strategy, it is best to:

a. Consider the needs of your Customers

b. Look at what kind of Organization you are

c. Adopt practices from other leading Organizations

d. Consider both the needs of your Customers & what kind of Organization you are


3. Which of the following least describes an Annual Operating Plan?

a. Describes the tactics that will be used

b. Involves budgeting

c. Involves resource allocation

d. Outlines the plans and strategies for the next few years


4. The following are effective examples of communicating a Customer experience strategy except:

a. Scheduling a one-time per year Town Hall for Employees to discuss business results

b. Develop a small handbook to be given to each Employee to carry with them

c. Create a physical space that immerses Employees in the desired experience

d. The creative use of video to share the intended experience with Employees


5. Choose the word that best applies to this statement.  “The best Customer experiences are not __________.”

a. Consistent

b. Intentional

c. Accidental

d. Relevant


6. A shared Customer experience vision enables you to:

a. Align strategic initiatives across the organization

b. Increase prices for your products & services

c. Pay your Employees a little bit less than market value

d. Do away with core values


7. A shared Customer experience vision is applicable for:

a. Employees

b. Employees and Partners

c. Senior management

d.  All organizational stakeholders


8. You talked to your Marketing Department and they shared that the brand value that resonates most with Customers is that of being ‘small-town’ or ‘heartland’ in character.  Which of the following behaviors might be implemented in your Contact Centre as a result of this brand value?

a. Be professional

b. Understand how Customers use the mobile application

c. Be as efficient as possible

d. Feel free to chat with Customers


9. Which of the following best exemplifies a shared Customer experience vision:

a. We will aim to deliver a differentiated Customer experience – each Customer, each time, everywhere we are

b. We aim to deliver the highest possible shareholder returns for shareholders

c. At ABC company, your satisfaction is our ultimate reward

d. Dedication to the highest quality of  service with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride


10. Which of the following answers best addresses the statement, “It helps a lot if the Team developing the Customer experience strategy is ___________”:

a. Cross-functional

b. Certified in Customer experience

c. Has at least 5 years of experience in Customer experience

d. Defers to the CEO for the final decision


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You can use the following format in your email to me:

  1. a
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  3. c
  4. c (and so on for all 10 Practice Questions)

I always do my best to answer quickly and let you know which ones you got right and which need correction.



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