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What can I do with my CCXP?

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In this short and personal post I discuss the question – what can I do with my CCXP?

Someone wrote to me  a short while ago.  Here’s what they said.

“Dan, I have earned my CCXP.  But I’m not sure what to do with it.”

And I thought that he asked a fair question.  So I’ve written this short and personal post to discuss and answer that question.

What can I do with my CCXP?

(For those who don’t know, the CCXP stands for the Certified Customer Experience Professional certification credential).


Earning a professional credential like the CCXP

I think that the biggest benefit to earning a professional credential is the journey you take and the people you meet along that journey.

Whether that’s a 4-year degree or preparing for a few weeks or months (or more) for your CCXP.

Not just getting that piece of paper to hang in your office or show off to recruiters.

If you’re just after putting a few letters after your name, then you’re missing out on the most important part.  The growth, development & socialization that go along with earning those letters.

Bu with that said, getting that piece of paper is also a milestone accomplishment.  It deserves to be celebrated.

I still keep my university graduation photo in my office because I remember that day fondly and how happy my parents were for me.

But that piece of paper doesn’t do anything for me on its own.  It doesn’t have magic properties.

I have to proactively do something with it.


The role of leadership

I often get to work with Managers & Team Leaders in Contact Center environments.  And when we’re covering the topic of leadership, I like to use this definition –

Leadership is the combination of skills, knowledge and experience that enable a person to inspire others to accomplish a shared goal.

We begin by first defining the shared goal or goals.  What is it specifically that we’re try to achieve?  Because if you aren’t sure what you’re trying to achieve it’s going to be hard to get there.

Once we answer the shared goal question, we work backwards and brainstorm the specific skills, knowledge & experience we need to inspire people around us to achieve the shared goal.

And that can be a powerful exercise for people.  Because in the heat of doing our work, it’s not easy to step back and reflect on what we need to know and indeed what kind of people we need to be to inspire others.

So why do I bring up leadership in this post?

Because if you’ve earned your CCXP credential, I think it matters that you see yourself as a leader.

Regardless of what your job title is or what your work function is, you’re in a terrific position to inspire other people to achieve Customer Experience goals.

And with the CCXP credential, you’ve demonstrated that you have the required skill, knowledge & experience.  The credential measures and validates that.

So now that I understand that leadership & inspirataion are involved –  what can I do with my CCXP?

That’s the important question.


What can I do with my CCXP?

Whether it’s an MBA, a university degree or a professional certification like the CCXP, I think you can look at three ‘categories’ of doing.

Here they are.

1.  What can I do in my own job function?

One of the principles of Customer Experience management is that you maintain an ongoing pipeline of CX related projects to work on.

And given the breadth and depth of the topic, it’s unlikely that you’d ever run out of ways to apply what you know about CX to your job.  Whether you’re in Finance, Engineering, Operations, Customer Service, Marketing or a formalized Customer Experience function.

Creating new rituals, rewriting job descriptions, looking at how performance is measured, earning Employee engagement, considering specific ways to improve VOC results, designing new experiences or using strategy to prioritize decisions.

The list of potential CX related projects is nearly endless.

One of my favourite descriptions of Customer Experience is ‘thoughtfulness made visible’.  Of course being a thoughtful person is a great first step.

But for me this particular description refers to thoughtfulness in first understanding and then improving the experiences people go through. Whether for Employees, Partners or Customers.

You’ll never run out of things to do when you see things this way.

What behaviours do Customer Experience professionals display?


2.  What can I do with other job functions?

The famous leadership expert, John C. Maxwell writes, “The true measure of leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.”

That’s such a powerful statement.

Influence, Leadership and the CCXP credential. A big part of Customer Experience involves working across functional boundaries.  If you’re in a formalized CX function that’s pretty clear already.

But what about if you’re in a more discrete function such as Tech, Marketing or Finance?   Is it still appropriate to work across functional boundaries?

If the true measure of leadership is influence then the answer is a big ‘yes’.

Early in my career when I was in Finance, my big boss asked me to conduct some ‘How to Read a Financial Statement’ sessions for all the department heads.

And when I wrote the content for those sessions, my intent was not to just teach the department heads how to read financial statements. But to influence these important department heads to rethink about the our Finance function in general.

To see us as a trusted partner who could help them.  Not just the folks who nagged about budgets.

When I was managing large Customer Service operations, I regularly asked our company department heads across legal, marketing, finance & tech to come in and teach our Agents about what they did in their jobs and how it impacted Customers.

But I was also giving these departments heads a platform to positively influence our Agents about our company and our shared goals.

Whether you decide to bring in department heads like I did, or develop a series of short talks on Customer Experience – don’t underestimate your ability to positively influence those around you.


3.  What can I do outside of my organization?

I think every industry professional has a responsibility to write and/or speak and share their learnings, mistakes & perspectives.  And as a CCXP you are an industry professional.

You serve as a role model for the industry.  It’s an integral part of who you are and what you do.

I know that writing, speaking or recording videos takes time.  And that when you first begin it can feel overwhelming.

But through the process you find your voice.  You establish a perspective.  Your perspective.

And your writing and/or speaking improves.  These are important life skills.  And they enhance your ability to inspire and influence as well.

And finally, today there are so many groups, both virtual and offline, that have Customer Experience as their mandate.  It’s quite easy to find these groups and become an active part of the wider community.

CX lessons we can learn from the Contact Centre industry

My favorite John F. Kennedy quote

Perhaps because I grew up in a proud military family I’ve always loved this quote from President John F. Kennedy.

Using your CCXP credential to serve others. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

For me this quote embodies what it means to serve.  To look outside yourself to others.

As a CCXP, or MBA or degree holder or holder of any number of professional certifications that are out there, I think that looking to this quote as a touchstone can help.

It’s not what the credential can do for you.  It’s what you do with that credential for others.

And when you look at things this way, you’ll never run out of ideas or opportunities to serve.

I’m proud to be a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and help people on their CCXP journey.  But I still believe that it’s what you do with the credential after you earn it that matters the most.

Thanks for reading!





How Team Leaders can talk like Leaders

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It’s all about the conversations

When you’re managing or leading a team, it’s all about the conversations.

Some of my closest peers use the term ‘high frequency and high quality’ to describe the vital role of conversations with Team Members and that’s such a great way to put it.

Radio Frequency diagram

The challenge for Team Leaders is that  they either don’t know about the many different kinds of conversations at their disposal or they haven’t grown confident in the use of the conversations.

Some Team Leaders will tell you they don’t have time to have conversations with their Team Members which is a different challenge altogether.

There are many conversations in the Team Leader’s repertoire

Every Team Leader has a repertoire of conversations to choose from and use at the appropriate times and for the appropriate purposes.

In no particular order we share a few of these conversations here:

  • Praise
  • Gratitude
  • Monthly Team Reviews
  • Sincere & specific conversations about what went ‘right’
  • Sincere & specific conversations about ‘what did not go right’
  • Performance reviews
  • Manager as ‘boss’
  • Manager as ‘person
  • Transactional coaching
  • Individual monthly reviews
  • Poor performance
  • Personal advice (when asked for)
  • Manager as ‘Leader’

There’s a lot to talk about.

So how can a Team Leader talk like a Leader?

The simple advice is actually quite practical and links specifically back to the organizational or departmental Vision, Mission & Values.

Senior management wants the essence of the organization to cascade throughout every department and level.

So it can befrustrating for a CEO or VP of Customer Experience (etc.) to find that the folks answering the phone or serving at the Counter don’t have a basic understanding organizational goals, vision, mission and values.

While it’s to be expected that the senior folks incorporate organizational essence into their daily work, it often fails to appear in the conversations that take place between Team Leaders and the Frontline.

Vision, Mission & Values – this isn’t purely theoretical stuff

When we teach the Vision, we help people understand that this is a point in time in the future (as in our organization aims to become…).

Of course this is highly simplified for this article but still very clear.

In a recent class one of the students wanted to use Korean Airlines as a case study and here is their Vision:

The Mission of Korean Airlines

To be a Respected Leader in the World Airline Community

While the calibre of the Vision Statement is open for discussion, we decided that this indeed represented a point of time in the future – a point in time when all the dreams of Korean Air would come true.

When we teach the Mission, we help people to understand that this is what we do ‘every day’.

For example, if we are a Call Centre, we may seek to listen and solve the enquiries of our Customers in a positive manner – and that’s something we do every day – not just on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We then went to the Mission Statement for Korean Air which is:

Excellence in Flight

While the calibre of the Mission Statement is open for discussion, we decided that excellence in flight was something that was supposed to happen ‘every day’.

We then went to Zappos to visit a few of their well-known Core Values – 3 of which are listed below:

Core values are supposed to guide our behaviour at work and when well designed they can be very inspirational.

So what do we mean by the Language of Leadership?

Cindy – I really liked the way you incorporated empathy into your email to Mr. Lawrence. That supports our mission to provide excellent service ‘every day’.

Tom – one of our core values is Teamwork – and by staying back last night to help Tanya finish her report on time you helped bring that value to life. Thanks Tom.

Alex, for the next Guest who checks in, be sure to remember to ask them if they have their loyalty card so that they can enjoy the additional benefits of staying with us – that supports our vision to be the most trusted provider of hospitality solutions for our Guests.

It’s a terrific moment when Team Leaders begin to speak like leaders.

In closing

Managing people well involves having a lot of different types of timely and effective conversations with them.

And every potential conversation in the repertoire has its own purpose.

But to speak like a leader, just look to your organizational and departmental vision, mission and values and aim to bring them to life in your conversations with others.

Thank you for reading!


Daniel Ord

New subsidy options for the industry’s best Team Leader Certification!

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Get Contact Center industry-leading training at subsidized rates in Singapore!

Since 2014, Singapore’s Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) has endorsed and provided 50% subsidy for the OmniTouch Team Leader Series.

The Team Leader Series was designed for middle managers & professionals working in the Contact Centre & Service industries.

Leading industry figure and Head of CS at M1 shared his viewpoint with us here –



Assistant Director of SP Services Digital Contact Centre shared his viewpoint with us as well –


So we are happy to share that –

Organizations & individuals who aim to significantly develop middle management & professional capabilities now have a choice between two program & subsidy options in Singapore.

Budget figures (in Singapore Dollars) are provided at the end of this article for your easy reference


Option 1 – the complete Team Leader Series & Certification Program

Since 2014, e2i has endorsed and provided 50% subsidy for the complete Team Leader Series.

The full 6 course series was designed to equip Candidates with full mastery of their job roles in Contact Centres & Service-based environments.

Candidates complete a total of (6) 2-day workshop programs (taken in any order) – as follow:

·      Customer Experience for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      How to Monitor & Coach for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      Contact Centre Operations for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      People Management for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      How to be a Great Team Leader (aka Leadership & Engagement)

·      Managing Yourself for Team Leaders & Professionals

Each program is a Masterclass on its own and comes with its own certification exam.

In addition to these 6 programs, Candidates take (2) prescribed WSQ courses and complete (1) Work Product Assignment to demonstrate applicability to the workplace.

Typically the entire process takes 6 – 8 months or so.

Upon completion, Candidates are fully certified and their organization receives a full 50% subsidy back on the program.

Once Candidates have passed all (6) Certification exams, OmniTouch will also issue a formal ‘Work Product Assignment’ where the Candidate will be asked to share specifically – in essay format – what improvements, enhancements & positive outcomes were achieved across a variety of the domains they completed.

Most importantly, the Candidates are equipped to make a real positive impact at work – whether that’s through improved Employee engagement, superior coaching, or better understanding of how to manage operations.

No other Team Leader Series has achieved this kind of positive impact and Candidates who completed the program tell us how much difference it has made to their effectiveness as leaders.


Option 2 – the a la carte Program – choose a bundle of 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 courses for your Candidate

For Organizations & Individuals who aim to ‘focus in’ on particular topics, we are happy to share that a new e2i program and subsidy – effective February 2017 – is available on an a la carte basis.

The Organization first selects the Candidate (or Candidates) for development.

Then they evaluate which topic or topics they want to put the Candidate through.

So out of the 6 programs available, they choose a ‘bundle’ of either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 programs from the list below:

·      Customer Experience for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      How to Monitor & Coach for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      Contact Centre Operations for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      People Management for Team Leaders & Professionals

·      How to be a Great Team Leader (aka Leadership & Engagement)

·      Managing Yourself for Team Leaders & Professionals

The Candidate will attend the selected programs that were chosen and at the end of program they take the relevant certification exam.  The certification exam is administered on Day 2 of the program.

They will then attend (2) prescribed WSQ modules and complete (1) Work Product Assignment assigned by OmniTouch.

The time duration for completion will be based on how many of the a la carte programs were chosen.

But we’d estimate anywhere from 1 – 2 months up to 6 months in all.  It is really driven by how many a la carte programs are selected.

Upon completion, the Organization receives back a 50% subsidy for the program.

Here’s an example –

Let’s say, the Candidate decides they want to upgrade their knowledge & skills related to Customer Experience AND Contact Centre Operations. (So two programs are selected a la carte).

So they enroll in one of our regularly scheduled runs of the 2-day Customer Experience program and they enroll in one of our regularly scheduled runs of the 2-day Contact Centre Operations program.

During the workshops they are likely to meet folks from other Organizations who are also in the certification process as well – allowing for a great exchange of ideas & inspiration.

To make every program personal and discussion oriented, we cap attendance to a maximum of 8 – 9 pax.

We believe round table discussion accomplishes a lot more than packed classrooms.

At the end of the 2-day program, they will (like everyone) take their certification exam.

Once they have passed the relevant certification exams with OmniTouch, their internal HR & Admin department will schedule them to attend the prescribed WSQ Modules.

OmniTouch will also issue a formal ‘Work Product Assignment’ where the Candidate will be asked to share specifically – in essay format – what improvements, enhancements & positive outcomes were achieved through their new understanding and development.

The Work Product Assignment will be specifically tailored to the program or programs taken by the Participant.

Once all activities are completed, the Candidate is formally certified in the particular program or set of programs.

And of course the 50% subsidy is provided back to the sponsoring Organization.

Budgets & figures

The program has been designed to be easy to use.

Here are the key process steps & figures to be aware of:

  1. Each 2-day Team Leader program retails at S$995 and is held at the OmniTouch Singapore office at regularly scheduled intervals
  2. The subsidy for each program is 50% or S$497.50 – this means that your final out of pocket figure is S$497.50 for any and all of the 2-day Workshop programs – that works out to less than S$250 per day of training.
  3. If (for example) you decide to go for a bundle of (2) of the 2-day programs the initial outlay would be 2 x S$995 = S$1,990. After completion you receive back 50% (of the S$1,990) or S$995 which means that your final out of pocket for both programs (4 days of training) is S$995.
  4. If you decide to go for the full (6) program Team Leader Series the initial outlay is 6 x S$995 = S$5,970. After completion of the program you receive back 50% (of the S$5,970) or S$2,985 which means that your final out of pocket for all 6 programs (12 days of training) is S$2,985 – less than S$250 per day.
  5. There is no charge for the Work Product Assignment – it is built into the overall design of the Team Leader Series
  6. In order to enjoy the 50% subsidy – full 100% prepayment is required before attendance at the first program. The 50% subsidy is paid back upon official completion (of all the relevant training modules, certification exams, WSQ modules and the Work Product Assignment)

As always we are here to help – just drop a line to [email protected] or message to 65 9838 2353.


[email protected] / www.omnitouchinternational.com / (65) 9838 2353